Monday, December 15, 2014

17 - Polka Dot Sunday and Anti-Racism (with Sarah Hotchkiss and Carey Lin)

We talk about the ongoing protests against police brutality and institutional racism, discuss holiday coping strategies, and interview Sarah Hotchkiss and Carey Lin of Stairwell's! We also analyze Super Storm Sheldon, and why all you listeners are jerks for never calling in.

The music from this episode is by Queens D. Light and Conspiracy of Beards

Omni Commons (They're having a fundraiser!)
Black Liberation & White Anti-Racism in the Time of Ferguson(video) Alicia Garza,Kamau Walton, Robbie Clark, and Phil Hutchings.
Millions March (article on
Polka Dot Sunday is already a thing!? (not really)
Sarah Hotchkiss
Carey Lin
Misfit Toy Factory at Root Division
Atmospheric River Sheldon

One step at a time.

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