Sunday, December 7, 2014

16 - Art Review Review Review

We review reviews of art reviews! If we had done this in the form of a musical variety show it would have been and Art Review Review Review Revue (all credit to Katy Kondo)! Also in this episode we negotiate twitter, say why the Bay is better than Miami, notify you of the Winter Sales coming up at local shops and non-profits, and give some podcast picks! And so much more!

Almost all the music in this episode is by Blood Sister

Link World
Our Twitter: @pinetreepodcast

Winter Sale Spots:
Eastside Holiday Art Sale
Creative Growth
Little Paper Planes

Critical Reflections By Bill Berkson
The Cheese Stands Alone: The Trouble with Funny Art By Jessica Brier
Questions I Haven’t Found Answers for as an Artist By Guillermo Gómez-Peña

We Want the Airwaves
Apex Express
Bad At Sports

Get some great stuff for whatever moments you do or do not celebrate!

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