Tuesday, March 17, 2015

29 - Dance and Conspiracies

This week we chat about dance dynamics, developments in new and established art spaces, and having an open mind. Apologies to actual Satanists!

All the music in this episode is by Los Cenzontles

tEEth (dance troupe)
Keith Hennessy and Laura Centorrino Contact Improv Dance
Keith Hennessy talks about Contact Improv
Ecstatic Dance
Ecstatic Dance Houston (video)
Royal NoneSuch Gallery
Cara Levine (artist)
Jess Wheelock (artist)
Root Division NEWS! (funded by Northern California Community Loan Fund, not Satan)
Pacific Felt Factory
Susan O'Malley Memorial Information

Ecstatic Dance


  1. Wow this is such an inspiration to see all these artists coming together!

  2. Are you throwing some covert homophobia at us, Brendan Murphy?