Wednesday, March 11, 2015

28 - Closet Chats (Bay Area Art and Education Justice Festival)

Holy crap, this is an hour long! This week we had some great chats in a closet with people at the No Justice No Service: Bay Area Art and Education Justice Festival at the Lab. Also, Kate had a cold, so forgive us. Thanks very much to everyone who bravely talked to us. We did so many interviews that we couldn't fit them all into the show, so please checkout the event page and checkout all the people/groups that participated. Then join all those groups and give them money.

Most of the music in this episode is by The Coup

Service Employees International Union Local 1021
Photos from the event
Event Program
Black Lives Matter
Black Magic Arts Collective 
Black Brunch
San Francisco Rockin Solidarity Labor Chorus
Strike Debt Bay Area
The Debt Collective
Critical Resistance
All of Us or None
Fight for 15
April 15th Strike
Combat Paper 
Warrior Writers
Shaping San Francisco
Rock Paper Scissors Collective 
The Compensation Foundation (FILL OUT THE SURVEY - EASY! FUN!)

Bonus recording of Keith Hennessy's performance:

If we forgot any links or anything, send them to us and we'll add them.

Truly an exceptional closet.

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