Saturday, March 21, 2020

236 - Staying Home

We got some listener feedback this week! We field your questions about etiquette, eggs, and this new fucked up world we're living in. Please take care of each other, but also stay away from each other, and stay mad at our fucked up government that didn't test people fast enough. Kate clearly doesn't know what a snow leopard is.

All the music in this episode is by the Monophonics

Support Kirk Stoller's Recovery From Brain Surgery
CPT Resource Spreadhseets
Bay Area Senior/Disability/Worker Mutual Aid Form
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Support Bay Area #TogetherAlone
SF United in Crisis
SWARM hardship fund for sex workers in crisis
St. James Infirmary - resources for sex workers of all genders
List of Arts Resources During the COVID-19 Outbreak (from Creative Capital)
Emergency Funds for Freelancers, Creatives Losing Income During Coronavirus
COVID-19 Resources for the Artist Organization Field
COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resources

Bay Area Rallies to Ensure Seniors Don't Go Hungry During Coronavirus Pandemic (KQED)
8 Calming Livecams of Kittens, Penguins, Jellyfish and More (KQED)
Dunktown Podcast

Mutual aid is when people get together to meet each other’s basic survival needs with a shared understanding that the systems we live under are not going to meet our needs and we can do it together RIGHT NOW!

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