Wednesday, December 23, 2015

67 - Year End Round Up

This week we reflect on some of our favorite performances, exhibitions, and lectures of 2015. Don't forget that we'll be on break next week! Send us your comments, questions, or complaints and we will respond to them in 2016!

All the music in this episode is by Quartet San Francisco

Chesapeake Bay

directions given – directions taken
4 x 40
Parking Lot Art Fair
Radical Presence
Twice in a While
MaxiPad: Templum de Mysteriis
You Make a Better Wall Than a Window: The Tour
Silent Faces

Genesis P-Orridge
Julia Bryan-Wilson
Sylvia Lavin
Caroline Woolard
Jennifer A. González
Jonn Herschend
(The other ones aren't on video)


Scott Burton, Two Part Chair, 1986 

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