Wednesday, August 12, 2015

48 - Psychoanalytic Theater

This week Maysoun is back! We chat about all the art/government news that's been percolating this summer. We also get Maysoun's take on all the stuff said in the last two episodes, we get some reviews from Maysoun's mom, and we talk shit about CCA for having an Andrea Fraser cabal without us.

All the music in this episode is by Ghost & the City

28 Chinese at the Asian Art Museum
Haines Gallery
‘Shrimp Boy’ Defense: Ed Lee, Other Officials Implicated in FBI Probe (KQED)
SF Mayoral Candidates
Big legal guns take aim at Oakland’s public-art requirement (SF Chronic)
Building Industry Association of the Bay Area v. City of Oakland Legal Complaint
Rock Paper Scissors Is Priced Out: End of an Era for Oakland Art Scene (KQED)
Wattis has Andrea Fraser on their mind.
Why Does Fred Sandback's Work Make Me Cry? by Andrea Fraser (pdf)
Andrea Fraser reading that essay at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth
Alternative Exposure

The Southern Poverty Law Center
The Marine Mammal Center
Doctors Without Borders
Planned Parenthood

Government corruption! Dick Cheney handbags! Donation buttons! 

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