Wednesday, June 10, 2015

41 - Ethicstravaganza

Congratulations Pine Tree is one year old! Some familiar voices call in and help us sort out the art world's code of ethics! Huge thank you to everyone that helped us make this first year possible: Katy, Jimbo, all the pets, all our interviewees, our glorious listeners, and especially everyone at the International Art Museum of America.

The music in this episode is by En Vogue

Online Ethical Descision Helper from Markkula Center for Applied Ethics
Professional Practices for Artist from the College Art Association
Art Historians' Code of Ethics
Cowboy's Code of Ethics
Circle Players' Code of Ethics (a theater group)
American Alliance of Museums Code of Ethics
Association of Art Museum Directors Code of Ethics
Association for Computing Machinery Code of Ethics
U.S. Figure Skating Parents Code of Conduct 
Dog Handlers' Code of Ethics
American Culinary Federation’s Certification Code of Professional Ethics
American Library Association Code of Ethics
A Code of Ethics for the Human-Robot Interaction Profession
National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics 
Investment Adviser Code of Ethics from Charles Schwab
US Department of Justice Code of Ethics
Astronaut Code of Professional Responsibility

One down, only 34 more to go!

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