Sunday, January 25, 2015

23 - Tech Sass (with Cassie Thornton)

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This week we recorded on a Fisher-Price tape player. We had a great chat with Oakland-based artist, Cassie Thornton, we talked about a trip to the Battery and we commiserated about the terror of tech bros.

All the music in this episode is by Goapele.

East Bay Express article about the Omni
Cassie Thornton
Save the System by Cassie Thornton
Strike Debt - Bay Area
The Battery - secret club
The Battery's Yelp page
FOG art + design fair
Desiree Holman
Amy Franceschini/Futurefarmers 
McSweeney's Issue 48 with Sorry to Bother You by Boots Riley

This is how we record the show.

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