Monday, January 12, 2015

21 - The Business (with Steve Zavattero, Ray Beldner, and Ethan Rafal)

This week we try to sort out the quagmire of art fairs. Ray Beldner and Steve Zavaterro chat with us about their controversial new art fair, and Ethan Rafal gives his take on the commercial art world in general. Hopefully you'll call/text us this week, listeners! Come on, people! 419 351 6606

All the music in this episode is from the Prometheus Symphony Orchestra

Omni Commons in Oakland - "create a people-powered space to share, organize, and commune."
Potluck for Gathering People and Data - Royal Nonesuch Gallery January 17, 6-8pm
stARTup Art Fair - see for yourself!
New York Times article we were talking about.
Ethan Rafal - take a book look!
Le 1% C'est Moi by Andrea Fraser

 “...a one percentage point increase in the share of total income earned by the top 0.1 percent triggers an increase in art prices of about 14 percent... It is indeed the money of the wealthy that drives art prices. This implies that we can expect art booms whenever income inequality rises quickly. This seems exactly what we witnessed during the last period of strong art price appreciation, 2004 - 2007." - “Art and Money", in: Yale School of Management Working Paper, No. 09–26 , Yale School of Management, April 28 , 2010 .

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